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Mimosa Absolute Oil  


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Extraction Method - Steam Distillation

Certificate - GMP

Source - Flowers


Botanical Name:  Acacia mirensi Common name:  Miosa, Black watt Read More

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Botanical Name: 

Acacia mirensi

Common name: 

Miosa, Black wattle

Plant family: 





Pale Yellow to semi-solid brown color


It has sweet, floral, soft, powdery aroma with a pinch of honey fresh undertone.

Blends With:

 Lemon, Citronella, Chamomile Blue, Pine White Organic and Bergamot





Method of Extraction:

Steam Distillation


Absolute oils are the essential oils which are highly concentrated and have high potency. These Concentrated absolute oils have high aromatic properties thus they are majorly preferred in cosmetics, perfumery, and aromatherapy. During the postproduction processes these oils are further concentrated to make their absolute.


Acacia pycnantha is a native of South Australia where, along with Acacia mearnsii, it constitutes the chief source of tan bark. In size it is a smaller tree than the latter and its bark thinner. It is also said to be a less hardy species and has not found favor in South Africa. Experimental plantations are being raised on the Nilgiris. The species is very rich in tannin. Analyses showed up to 50 percent of tannin in the air-dried material. The best commercial bark has an average of more than 38 percent tannin in the Nilgiris.

Mimosa Absolute has a wonderful, sweet floral scent with woody undertones. It has calming, warming and relaxing properties and can help to nourish, soften and soothe inflamed, oily or sensitive skin Mimosa absolute is used extensively in perfumery, cosmetics and, sometimes, in aromatherapy. When used in perfumery, it tends to bring harmoney among the other aromas in the mix. The aroma is warm, sweet floral with a spicy odor. It is said to be relaxing and may assist in overcoming anxiety.


·        It is widely used in making perfumes and scents

·        Best for skincare, softens and nourishes skin Freshens up dull skins Due to anti-inflammatory properties, it heals wounds, rashes, etc.

·        Used in aromatherapy for relaxing and soothing mind Calms and harmonizes mind and soul It has uplifting and peaceful attributes Boosts immune


·        Useful in cold and cough



Safety Summary

·        Hazards: Not Known.

·        Contraindication: Not Known.

Organ Specific Effects

·        Adverse skin reaction: No Irritation.

·        Reproductive toxicity: No Data Available.


Systemic Effects

·        Acute Toxicity: no information found

·        Skin corrosion/irritation: may be irritating to skin.

·        Carcinogenicity: Not Known.


·        Toxicity:

PNEC oral: No data available

EC50 (48hours): No data available

LC 50(96hours): No data available

·        Bioaccumulation: No data available

·        Mobility in soil: No data available

·        Persistence and degradability: No data available

·        PBT and vPvB assessment: No data available


·        Other adverse effects: Do not allow it to enter into water systems and marine environment.

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