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Boronia Absolute Oil  


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Extraction Method - Steam Distillation

Certificate - GMP, FSSAI

Source - Flowers


Botanical Name:  Boronia megastigma Common name:  Brown boronia Read More

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Botanical Name: 

Boronia megastigma

Common name: 

Brown boronia, sweet-scented boronia or scented boronia

Plant family: 





Golden Brown color with thick consistency


Floral sweet scent

Blends With:

Cedarwood, Coriander Seed, Mandarin, Bergamot, Copaiba Balsam, Geranium Egyptian, Nutmeg, Palmarosa, Rose Absolute, Lemon, Myrrh, Neroli, Vetiver and Patchouli.




Flowers and Leaves

Method of Extraction

Solvent Extraction


Absolute oils are the essential oils which are highly concentrated and have high potency. These Concentrated absolute oils have high aromatic properties thus they are majorly preferred in cosmetics, perfumery, and aromatherapy. During the postproduction processes these oils are further concentrated to make their absolute.


There are approximately 95 species of Boronia (Family Rutaceae), all but one of which occurred originally only in Australia. The majority of Boronia species are found in south-western Australia. The Brown Boronia (Boronia megastigma) is intensely fragrant (like Freesia and Osmanthus) and is valued in Australian floral arrangements for its intense aroma. The fragrance of B. megastigma is not as appreciated in the rest of Asia. Brown Boronia is produced almost exclusively in the area of Australia depicted. Boronia megastigma Nees. (Brown boronia) flowers are the source of the highly valued oil, boronia absolute.

Boronia Absolute is used primarily within perfumery and fragrance applications. Due to Boronia's high cost and reportedly frequent adulteration, Boronia Absolute isn't commonly used within holistic aromatherapy. However, true Boronia Absolute possesses a beautiful, intoxicating, floral aroma with a sweet and fruity.

The absolute is used primarily in food flavoring to impart a unique richness to many fruit essences.  It has a very richly intense flowery scent, with a slight dry fruity undertone explaining its main uses being in perfume, fragrance and aromatics.


·        Aromatherapy

·        Perfumery


·        Flavoring Agent


S. No

Key Constituents

Strength (%)














dodecyl acetate


(Z)-Methyl Cinnamate+N-Tiglamide, (E)-Methyl Cinnamate, (E)-Cinnamic Ccid



Safety Summary

·        Hazardous: Phototoxicity

·        Contraindications (dermal): If applied to the skin at over maximum use level, skin must not be exposed to sunlight or sunbed rays for 12 hours.

·        Maximum Dermal use levels: 0.8% to avoid phototoxicity.

Organ Specific Effects

·        Adverse Skin Reactions: Not known at 1% concentration.

Systemic Effects

·        Acute Toxicity: Not Known.

·        Subcute & Subchronic Toxicity: Fetal at higher doses may result in weight loss and kidney/liver failure.

·        Carcinogenic: Not Classified


·        Toxicity

o   Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

o   May cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment.

o   Hazardous to water


·        Persistence and degradability: Not available.

·        Bioconcentration Factor: Not determined 

·        Mobility in soil: Not available.

·        Results of PBT and vPvB assessment: Not determined


·        Other adverse effects: Do not allow the material to enter streams, sewers or other waterways.

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