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HoneySuckle Absolute Oil  


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Extraction Method - Steam Distillation

Certificate - GMP

Source - Flowers


Botanical Name:  Lonicera Caprifolium Common name:  Honeysucle Read More

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Botanical Name: 

Lonicera Caprifolium

Common name: 


Plant family: 





A fine liquid with a yellow to brown consistency.


 Medium note as it spreads floral odor

Blends With:

 Sandalwood and Ylang-Ylang, it proves as the best remedy for many ailments




Flowers & twigs

Method of Extraction:

Steam Distillation


Absolute oils are the essential oils which are highly concentrated and have high potency. These Concentrated absolute oils have high aromatic properties thus they are majorly preferred in cosmetics, perfumery, and aromatherapy. During the postproduction processes these oils are further concentrated to make their absolute.


Honeysuckle, (genus Lonicera), genus of about 180 species of ornamental shrubs and climbers of the family Caprifoliaceae. Honeysuckles are native to temperate zones of both hemispheres, but they also grow in the Himalayas, southern Asia, and North Africa; the majority of species are found in China. Honeysuckles flourish in any ordinary garden soil, and a number are cultivated for their attractive flowers.

A dozen or more of the 100 species of Lonicera or Honeysuckle are used medicinally, the fruits generally having emiticocathartic properties. Several of these drugs have more than a local repute. Caprifoliaceae, the order to which the Honeysuckles belong, includes about 300 species, chiefly shrubs, growing in the north temperate zone or extending into the higher cool tropical regions. Besides the Viburnums and Sambucus, a number have found more or less important uses in medicine, but they exhibit but little uniformity in composition or properties.

Honey Suckle oil in Pharma

The leaves and flowers are antispasmodic, emollient and expectorant. They are used as a cutaneous and mucous tonic and as a vulnerary. Recent research has shown that the plant has an outstanding curative action in cases of colitis. The seed is diuretic.

Essence of Honey Suckle oil

An essential oil has been extracted from the flowers and used to make a very sweet perfume, but yields are extremely low.


·        Heightens the psychic power

·        Treats seasonal depression & stress

·        Cures cough & cold

·        Detracts asthma

·        Relieves congestion

·        Best for abrasions

·        Acts as an antidote for edema

·        Heals sore throat

·        Lowers fever

·        Cures flu


·        Recovers from food poisoning


S. No

Key Constituents











Safety Summary

·        Hazards: Not Known.

·        Contraindication: Not Known.

Organ Specific Effects

·        Adverse skin reaction: No Irritation.

·        Reproductive toxicity: No Data Available.


Systemic Effects

·        Acute Toxicity: no information found

·        Skin corrosion/irritation: may be irritating to skin.

·        Carcinogenicity: Not Known.


·        Toxicity:

PNEC oral: No data available

EC50 (48hours): No data available

LC 50(96hours): No data available

·        Bioaccumulation: No data available

·        Mobility in soil: No data available

·        Persistence and degradability: No data available

·        PBT and vPvB assessment: No data available


·        Other adverse effects: Do not allow it to enter into water systems and marine environment.

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