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Peach Absolute Oil  


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Extraction Method - Steam Distillation

Certificate - GMP

Source - Leaves


Botanical Name:  Prunus persica Common name:  Peach Read More

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Botanical Name: 

Prunus persica

Common name: 


Plant family: 





Colorless or yellowish


Fruity, herby and honey like fragrance.

Blends With:

Lavender, lemon, lime, orange and spicy oils such as cinnamon, clove bud


China, Europe



Method of Extraction

Steam Distillation


Absolute oils are the essential oils which are highly concentrated and have high potency. These Concentrated absolute oils have high aromatic properties thus they are majorly preferred in cosmetics, perfumery, and aromatherapy. During the postproduction processes these oils are further concentrated to make their absolute.


Peach, (Prunus persica), fruit tree of the rose family (Rosaceae), grown throughout the warmer temperate regions of both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Peaches are widely eaten fresh and are also baked in pies and cobblers; canned peaches are a staple commodity in many regions. Yellow-fleshed varieties are especially rich in vitamin A.

The peach probably originated in China and then spread westward through Asia to the Mediterranean countries and later to other parts of Europe. The Spanish explorers took the peach to the New World, and as early as 1600 the fruit was found in Mexico. For centuries the cultivation and selection of new varieties of peaches were largely confined to the gardens of the nobility, and large-scale commercial peach growing did not begin until the 19th century, in the United States. The early plantings were seedling peaches, inevitably variable, and often of poor quality. The practice of grafting superior strains onto hardy seedling rootstocks, which came later in the century, led to the development of large commercial orchards.

Essential oils are distilled from the aromatic leaves, bark, and roots of plants. If applied to the skin directly, they can cause reactions, such as severe irritation, redness or burning.

Peach Tree Leaf Absolute oil, derived from the leaves of the peach tree, has antioxidant, anti-aging properties useful in skin care. Useful in perfumery as well as lifting mood.  Peach Tree Leaf Absolute Oil has a fruity and herby scent with a touch of honey.

Common Usage:

·        Skin care

·        Cosmetics


·        Moisturizing Skin

The main chemical components of this absolute oil are beta-, alpha-, gamma-, zeta-, and cis-beta-carotenes, lutein, lycopene and cis-lycopene, alpha-cryptoxanthin & beta-cryptoxanthin, flavonols, pro-anthocyanidins, flavanones, isothiocyanates, elagic acid, sulforaphanes, indolecarbinols, isoflavones including genestein.


Safety Summary                        

·        Hazards Not Known

·        Contraindications: Not Known

Organ Specific Effects             

·        Adverse skin reaction: No Information Found

·        Reproductive Toxicity: No Information Found

Systemic Effects    

·        Acute Toxicity: No information found.

·        Antioxidant/pro-oxidant activity: No Data Available

·        Carcinogenic/anti carcinogenic potential: No Data Available                            





·        Acute fish toxicity: LC50 / 96 HOUR – No data available

·        Toxicity to aquatic plants – No data available

·        Toxicity to microorganisms – No data available

·        Toxicity threshold – No data available

·        Persistence and degradability: Biodegradation is expected

·        Bio-accumulative potential: Bioaccumulation is unlikely

·        Mobility in soil: Unknown


Avoid exposure to marine environments and waterways

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