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Onion Oil  


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Extraction Method - Hydrodistillation

Certificate - ISO, GMP, Organic, IFRA, FSSAI, Halal

Source - Bulb


Botanical Name:  Allium Cepa L. Common name:  onion Plant family: Read More

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Botanical Name: 

Allium Cepa L.

Common name: 


Plant family: 





Light yellow to brownish yellow


Strong and sulphuraceous odor with strong aroma at a middle note.

Blends With:

Asafoetida, Garlic, Rosemary, Oregano, Sage, and Thyme.





Method of Extraction:



Onion is also known as bulb onion is the highly cultivated species of the genus Allium. It is cultivated on a worldwide basis. In botanical terms, it is also called as Allium Cepa.

Onions grew in Chinese gardens as early as 5000 years ago and they are referenced in some of the oldest Vedic writings from India. In Egypt, onions can be traced back to 3500 B.C. There is evidence that the Sumerians were growing onions as early as 2500 B.C. One Sumerian text dated to about 2500 B.C. tells of someone plowing over the city governor's onion patch.

Onion essential oil is an expectorant, that can clear congestion and mucus build-up, especially along the respiratory tracts to promote unobstructed airflow. This helps alleviate coughs, sinuses and phlegm’s. They open up blocked passages and induces phlegm and mucus to come out of the body. Thus, onion essential oil provides relief from these common respiratory ailments. It is a useful antiseptic agent to clean any wounds, cuts or scrapes obtained without causing infections. It kills off any bacteria from festering on the wound or cut and thus, promotes the fast healing of wounds and scrapes.


The complete range of conditions or methods of use are beyond our control therefore we do not assume any responsibility and expressly disclaim any liability for any use of this product. Information contained herein is believed to be true and accurate however, all statements or suggestions are made without warranty, expressed or implied, regarding accuracy of the information, the hazards connected with the use of the material or the results to be obtained from the use thereof. Compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and local regulations remains the responsibility of the user.

The FDA has not evaluated the statements on this website. No claims are made by Venkatramna Industries as to the medicinal value of any products from or by us. The information presented here is for educating our customers about the traditional uses of essential oils and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. You are responsible for understanding the safe application of these products. If you have any questions, please call or email us for further information.

As per NAHA guidelines, New Directions Aromatics (NDA) does not recommend the ingestion of essential oils. It is imperative to consult a medical practitioner before using Essential Oils for therapeutic purposes. Pregnant and nursing women and those taking prescription drugs are especially advised not to use this product without the medical advice of a physician. The oil should always be stored in an area that is inaccessible to children, especially those under the age of 7.


Onion essential oil is very well known for its tasty contribution to the culinary world, but its aiding properties have been left out of the lime light.

Onion essential oil is used primarily in energetic work. Traditionally it is well known to prevent cold and other infections.

It is known for its antiseptic, antibacterial, aphrodisiac, and hypnotic attributes. It also has anthelmintic, antimicrobial, anti-sclerotic, antiviral, antispasmodic, bactericidal, carminative, depurative, diuretic, digestive, expectorant, fungicidal, hypotensive, hypoglycaemic stomachic, and vermiculite attributes. Onion has a reputation for correcting weight problems and glandular imbalance.

Onion Oil in Pharma

Onion essential oil can also help to promote hair growth naturally. It can also be used cosmetically to stimulate hair growth. Additionally, it prevents hair loss. It gained popularity to promote hair growth during recent times.

Onion essential oil has numerous antibacterial and antifungal properties. It clears scalp and makes it dandruff-free, thus facilitating a much healthier scalp.

Essence of Onion Oil

The most common usage of Onion as we all know is in culinary aspects. Onion pure essential oil has a distinct onion aroma. In India, it is used on a very diverse aspect. Onion also promotes strong bones. It acts as a very effective blood cleanser which, assists in keeping the skin in excellent and clear condition.

Onion essential oil increases urination levels. Thus, it is able to remove toxic and harmful substances from the body, such as urea, uric acid, excess fats, salts and water. This hence detoxifies the body and cleanses it, keeping it free from various infections and diseases due to the build-up of such harmful compounds.

Onion essential oil can help provide some pain relief to these areas of toothaches or even earaches because its bactericidal properties help to destroy bacteria and germs from causing these infections.



·        Remedy for Respiratory Ailments

·        Hair Growth

·        Heals Wounds

·        Pain Killer

·        Clears the Skin

·        Improve digestion

·        Protect against allergies

·        Remedy for cold and respiratory disorder

·        Maintains bone health



Key Constituents

Strength (%)


Dipropyl disulfide        



Methyl propyl trisulfide



Methyl propyl disulfide



Propyl (E)-1-propenyl disulfide



Dipropyl trisulfide



Propyl (Z)-1-propenyl disulfide



Methyl (E)-1-propenyl disulfide



Dimethyl trisulfide



Methyl (Z)-1-propenyl disulfide



(E)-1-Propenyl propyl trisulfide



Dimethyl sulfide






(Z)-1-Propenyl propyl trisulfide



Di(1-propenyl) trisulfide




Safety Summary                        

·        Hazards: Drug interaction which inhibits blood clotting and may be skin sensitizing

·        Cautions:

Oral - Anticoagulant medication, major surgery, peptic ulcer, hemophilia, other bleeding disorders.

Dermal - Use with caution on skin or mucous membranes, especially if hypersensitive, diseased or damaged.


Organ Specific Effects  

·        Adverse skin reaction: Onion and garlic oils have similar nature so there is suspicion that onion oil might create some risk of sensitization.

·        Cardiovascular effects: Onion oil demonstrates antiplatelet activity. Platelet activity is essential for blood clotting.


Systemic Effects

·        Acute Toxicity: No data found.

·        Antioxidant/pro-oxidant activity: In rats, onion oil protected against nicotine-induced lipid peroxidation, increasing activities of antioxidant enzymes and concentrations of glutathione.

·        Carcinogenic/anti carcinogenic potential: Onion oil was not mutagenic in the Ames test, but was marginally mutagenic in a chromosomal aberration test. In mouse micronucleus tests, onion oil showed no genotoxicity. The proliferation of human leukemia HL-60 cells was inhibited by onion oil. It also demonstrated an inhibitory effect on PMA-mediated mouse skin tumor promotion both in vitro and in vivo. In mouse epidermal cells, onion oil increased glutathione peroxidase activity, and abolished the inhibitory effect of a tumor promoter on the enzyme. Onion oil contains no known carcinogens.

·        Drug interactions: Anticoagulant medication, because of cardiovascular effects.



·        Ecotoxicity: No data available

·        Bioaccumulation: No data available

·        Mobility in soil: No data available

·        Persistence and degradability: No data available

·        PBT and vPvB assessment: No data available

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